New thermal deburring machine.  Extrude Hone brings – the T350 and T450 thermal deburring machines to t350__cmyk_mit_HMI_HRprovide quick reliable solution for complete and simultaneous removal of internal and external burrs.

The challenges:

  • To have reliable hydraulic manifolds
  • Improved quality by 100% removal of lose burrs, attached burrs and other particles

Customer requirements:

  • Cleanliness of manifolds
  • Need to process high part variants
  • Ensuring clean manifolds by complete burr removal at intersected holes and cross sections
  • Reduction of scrap parts by removal of burrs and other particles
  • Improved productivity through short setup and changeover times
  • Consistent and repeatable results


The new thermal deburring machine removes burrs and other particles in a fraction of a second. As the gas-mixture reaches all the intricate designs, and intersected holes, the results are consistent in comparison to hand deburring or Fluid Power Hydraulic manifoldany other deburring technology. Thanks to the low cycle time of EXTRUDE HONE T350 / T450 solutions, the productivity is higher. T350 / T450 also has the option of integrating automatic robotic handling systems to process high volume parts.

Danfoss Power Solutions is a global company focused on fulfilling the needs of off-highway vehicle manufacturers with engineered hydraulic and electronic components. “We manufacture hydraulic manifold for hydrostatic pump. They are high volume component. The main issue is burrs removal on intersected holes, cross-sectional holes from previous machining operations. We are using Extrude Hone solution. Combination of TEM and post washing process provided us more consistent and reliable process, significant improvement of productivity and increased safety of overall process.

All of this has been achieved with fully automated robotic integration.

If machining process is under control (tool life management is very critical and control of burr size is important too) TEM process with washing (machine also from Extrude Hone) will give you the best process reliability and repeatability.

High pressure water jet process did not provide this value.”

DanfossLubos Hanulik, Operations Manager at Danfoss Power Solutions, 2015