Solution to avoid diesel engine failure due to micro-contamination of oil bolts


Oil bolts are one of the critical components in a diesel engine. Each engine has about 30 oil bolts, used for distribution of:

  • Oil to crank and cam shaft
  • Cooling water
  • Diesel to fuel injectors

Burrs and micro particles left behind by prior machining operations in intersecting holes, threads etc. can lead to failure in the diesel engines.

Extrude Hone’s thermal deburring solution ensures 100% removal of burrs and micro particles. The use of a mixture of natural gas and oxygen as the medium ensures that all areas of the component are enveloped. The ignition of this gaseous mixture results in combustion of the burrs and fine particles and delivers complete deburring. TEM deburring is reliable, repetitive, and cost effective compared to any other deburring method.


  • Parts are 100% free of burrs, flashes, and micro-contamination
  • High productivity
  • Flexibility of capital equipment or subcontracting services to meet production needs

With years of experience in thermal deburring, we define the right solution to meet your application needs.  By being a global player, Extrude Hone is uniquely positioned to offer capital equipment, after-market support and subcontracting services to customers all over the world. With our global presence, we help by meeting your quick delivery expectations.

Extrude Hone also offers the technologies of AFM, MICROFLOW, ECM, ECM Dynamic, PECM, and COOLPULSE. Contact us at for further information.