Select the right generator technology for your Electrochemical Machining (ECM) Solution.

Manufacturers in industry segments across the board are being challenged to improve the efficiency and performance of their products. Rising emission standards and other manufacturing requirements are driving the need to improve the quality and efficient operation of every component. The effects of component stress because of the manufacturing process are also a concern for components that will be functioning under extreme operating conditions.

As result of this increasing requirements out of the field Extrude Hone developed two generator technologies to meet this challenging market requirements and to help the customer providing the edge with its ECM process.

Common Rail-Extrude Hone








With the HPG (HIGH PULSE) Generator technology we offer you the perfect generator technology for dynamic ECM applications, as well as for high demanding applications with high requirements on edge rounding at highly stressed bore intersections.

  • ECM drilling, shaping
  • ECM sinking, broaching
  • ECM polishing
  • ECM deburring

With the new standard generator technology, we can offer you the versatile all-rounder which fits most of your ECM applications – whether for simple deburring or for applications with high demands on surface quality or geometric accuracy.

  • ECM radiusing
  • ECM polishing
  • ECM deburring

Your Benefits:

  • New pulse features like enhanced pulse, power pulse, negative pulse
  • High frequency pulsing up to 100 kHz with the HPG generator
  • Freely programmable pulse patterns
  • Ultrafast short circuit detection
  • Enhanced surface finishing
  • Faster feed rates in dynamic ECM with the HPG generator
  • Highest precision