Abrasive flow die polishing by Extrude Hone.

With over 1500 machines in the market, Extrude Hone is the expert in die polishing solutions.

We help deliver the highest quality door and window frames, the most beautiful aluminium lighting profiles and the best copper cables that keep the world connected. The smooth and shiny surfaces are a direct result of mirror quality of extrusion dies processed by Extrude Hone.

How is it done?

We use AFM (Abrasive Flow Machining) which is a controllable, semi-automated process.

AFM uses an abrasive putty-like substance similar to playdough which, when forced through the die, polishes as it flows.


Extruded plastic window frame profile

Die for window frame profile extrusion


Why use AFM?

  • Uniform finish (even in the corners)
  • Significantly lower scrap rate
  • Improved productivity: polish faster than by hand
  • Maximized die life

What else can Extrude Hone bring to the table?

  • Bespoke media design to suit the application
  • Application consultancy
  • Flexibility – you buy a machine, or we can do it all for you
  • Global network of contract shops for a local service around the world
  • Quick turnaround

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