Radiusing & shaping solution for bore intersections at high-pressure areas of injector bodies. Absolute burr-free conditions by using ECM and thus achieves fatigue resistance in high-pressure components along with optimal efficiency due to enhanced flow properties.

The diesel fuel injection system is one of the core components of a diesel engine. It is responsible to supplying the right amount of fuel at exactly the right time.

Nowadays, where increasingly stringent emission standards force the manufacturers to lift the efficiency of their engines to new levels, the requirements on the injection are ever increasing. This results in an increasing demand for higher and higher injection pressures. Modern diesel engines, for example, are using pressures over 2000 bar to increase the efficiency of the internal combustion. This also means immense stresses, especially on the bore intersections of the high-pressure area.

Tobias L., responsible for the ECM processes at BURGMAIER Hightech GmbH in Laupheim, gives us an insight to his daily work and how collaboration with Extrude Hone helps them to provide the edge:

“I have joined BURGMAIER in 2004 as foreman for lines in the production. After several years of experiencing the ECM Tobias L.processes in our production I`m now responsible for maintenance of all the ECM equipment in our plant. Since we started using ECM at our facility in Laupheim we have always relied on the expertise and experience from Extrude Hone. This very close partnership starts with running feasibilities during the bidding phase in early project phases, finding and defining the perfect production process steps for ensuring best parts quality and cleanliness, and perfecting aftermarket service support with innovative ideas to optimize our processes and to lower our running costs.

We are an international manufacturer of precision parts. We have succeeded in both consolidating our position as a technology market leader and fulfilling the needs of our global customer base. Customer satisfaction is our top priority – we achieve it with the three pillars of our corporate culture: expertise, precision and reliability. With continuous improvement and by working closely with our customers, we aim to achieve technology and cost leadership.”

Extrude Hone an Electrochemical Machining LEADER:

  • Design accuracy
  • Enhanced component longevity
  • Process efficiency
  • Deburring precision
  • Increased productivity
  • Quality and repeatability