AFM contract shop production meets high volume edge conditioning and finishing requirements.

Delivering micro deburring, edge conditioning, and cleanliness for very specific breakthrough design.

For these components edge conditioning, and surface improvement are critical. The sharp edges resulting from prior manufacturing processes must be conditioned and the inner surfaces be finished. As the breakthrough opening is about few millimetres, the ability to condition the edge and improve the surfaces is challenging and not economical using traditional manufacturing methods. With AFM, as we force a viscoelastic, non-Newtonian abrasive fluid through the passages, it results in the required edge conditioning and finishing of the inner surfaces.

Along with AFM processing, we also perform:

  • Pre, and post process cleaning (automatic pneumatic blow-off and washing)
  • Quality control as per requirements
  • Packaging and expedited logistics
  • Complete tooling and fixture solution from engineering to build by Extrude Hone.



  • Finishing challenge solved
  • Cost effective solution matching customer budget
  • Quality aspects met
  • Flexibility to handle varying production volumes



By being a global player, Extrude Hone is uniquely positioned to offer subcontracting services to customers across the world. This helps in realizing the quick delivery expectation of the customers in processing their components. Extrude Hone also offers a broad range of technologies outside of AFM, such as: MICROFLOW, TEM, ECM, ECM Dynamic, PECM, and COOLPULSE. We can meet the productivity and surface improvement requirements of components across multiple market sectors.


Consider the components you have in production that require edge conditioning and finishing operations, and contact us at for additional information.